Abeco was established in 1988, by founder Abe Betesh, as a one-man real estate venture, and has evolved into a full service real estate management, construction, and development company. Abeco is built on a foundation of three principles; unwavering commitment, old-fashioned hard work, and unparalleled client loyalty.

Since its inception, Abeco has been involved in over ten million square feet of real estate, managed over three hundred parcels, and developed over one hundred projects in the Tri-State area. Abeco is divided into three separate divisions, Management, Construction, and Development, which work seamlessly together.

Our mission is to help each individual client navigate the complex world of modern real estate by utilizing experts from all of Abeco’s divisions to provide outstanding financial returns to our clients and partners. By focusing on the details that matter most to every client, we tailor all Abeco services to create a superior real estate experience.


Beginning his career as a real estate salesman just two days after completing high school, Abe Betesh focused on marketing and selling income producing properties around New York. In 1988, The New York Times chronicled his quick rise to success, in an article that praised him as a “teen prodigy.”

Abe spent the ensuing years as CEO of the ABECO Organization, building it into a full service real estate investment, development and management company. Through persistence and a commitment to excellence Abe has been able to reposition properties creatively to add sustainable equity to each and every project while generating strong returns for him and his investment partners.

In the past decade Abe launched Abeco Construction, a full service, licensed, and insured construction company to fully serve his clients’ and investors’ development needs.

Abe attributes his success to leading his company in following the principles of honesty, client loyalty, attention to detail, community-based values and hard work. Abe is a dedicated member of the Sephardic community and is involved in many charitable organizations.